Sunday, September 5, 2010

Violent new anti-jihadi computer game changes Isis flag to depict

Violent new anti-jihadi computer game changes Isis flag to depict PET instead of Allah and uses smiley face in location of Muhammed as 'racist' innovator boasts he IS anti-Muslim


He created an ultra-violent video game that encouraged players to act out genocidal maniac fantasies and boasts about his anti-Islamic views.


Now computer games manager Jaroslaw Zieliniski has actually released a savage new computer game that allows gamers to kill getting into Isis jihadis - but also carries insulting messages to Muslims.


The online game, IS Defense, is set 2020 and its goal is to protect Europe from enthusiasts who have taken control of north Africa and are now releasing an invasion on the West.


The Isis flag has actually been altered to apparently represent Allah as a dog, and the Prophet Mohammed has actually been altered into a smiley face in another.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf: Brand new computer game permits users to design, develop and play custom-made golf courses

Acclaimed golf course designer Jack Nicklaus-- understood for his record 18 professional significant championship triumphs in addition to his worldwide portfolio of award-winning courses and host places for the video game's most substantial occasions-- as soon as notoriously stated battlefield 1 aimbot ,


"The video game is meant to be fun." And now, the Nicklaus Companies is upping the ante to a brand new level, with the launch of Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf, the most reasonable golf computer game the marketplace has ever seen. Golf enthusiasts, non-golfers and gaming enthusiasts alike will have hours of satisfaction developing and playing golf courses similar to the Golden Bear himself has actually provided for the last 50 years



Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Battlefield 1 has the highest-rated in the history of YouTube Trailer

Infinity Ward and Activision are going through tough times, because Reveal Trailer for Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite is the 5th most disliked video on YouTube, managed to "climb up" 3 places in just one day. The clip has actually collected the highest number of dislikes video gaming category, 1.5 million, 5 times more than the number of likes.


DICE and EA remain in an opposite scenario, given that Battlefield 1 Reveal Trailer appreciated is the main clip of a computer game in the history of YouTube. He has built up 1.16 million likes and dislikes scarcely number 21,000.


It is estimated that the Call of Duty series fans are tired of futuristic theme and that Modern Warfare Remastered is only readily available with Infinite Warfare only enhanced the sensation of negative thoughts.